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I am a therapist in Christchurch. I provide therapy and counseling for individuals, couples, marriages, families and groups. I have worked with some of the most difficult cases in mental health field, cases that had been given up on by established and seasoned psychologists. Over time, and with dedicated work put forth by both of us, we have seen happy resolution pursuant to breaking thru the impasse.

I am irresistibly drawn to Depth Psychology. Depth psychology is a field that honors and integrates Psychoanalysis, Jungian Psychology, Object Relations Approach and Self Psychology. All these fields of psychology hold creativity to be a life force that initiated, and now sustains the universe. As such, creative endeavors – dreams, music, art, play, literature, mythology and writing – are viewed as modes of engaging and expressing the traumatised unconscious where the problems originate from. These art forms find a natural place in therapeutic processes and in expression of our instinctual strivings as a species.

I believe there are no shortcuts to wisdom, and only the heat from the furnace of life enables purification of the inner gold. Suffering is a constant in life. It is given to us so we can develop an experientially informed perspective on the nature of life, and our role in the the creative phenomenon. The goal of therapy is to extract the essence of life – wisdom – from such suffering. The solution to our suffering, and the building blocks of consequentional growth, all lie within our psyche.

In some cases prescription medication may impede therapeutic progress by suppressing symptoms like anxiety, depression, even ADHD. Symptoms carry messages from the unconscious, messages that need to be understood in context of the underlying problems that cause these symptoms. Often the symptoms themselves provide a glimpse to the solutions to our sufferings. Suppression of these symptoms through the use of medication often – not always but often – leads to losing access to the richest materials emerging from the unconscious – material that may carry an insight into the cause and the solution of the suffering. If the symptoms are merely suppressed, psychological issues may remain dormant and/or accumulate silently, causing increased psychological as well as physiological/medical distress later on.

That is not to say medication is not sometimes necessary. However, we live in trigger happy times, and medication is usually not a solution to every ailment. There are healthier ways that lead towards balance.

My Background

I am a qualified Counselor with relevant qualifications to practice counseling in New Zealand. At various times in my life I’ve had life experiences that involved complete ecstasy as well as deep, debilitating trauma, and have been successful in transcending and growing from both kinds of experiences. In the last 50 years I have lived in India, Middle East, Australia and US, and am here in Christchurch now. I am deeply connected with various religions and cultures. These deep, experiential understandings create an appreciation of life issues and diversity and they help me understand people in a much deeper and meaningful way.

I don’t profess to “fix” people. What I offer is a rewarding experience that will make you understand who you truly are. It sounds a bit corny, but honestly, most of us trudge thru life without knowing ourselves. That is what the journey of life is about. It is a quest to understand ourselves. And the sooner you do, more holistic and together you will be.

13 Responses to About Me

  1. sa systems says:

    You remind me about a girl I once barely knew. She was intelligent , intense, striking looks, courageous but had very little in terms of challenges to occupy her. She was a student of some branch of engineering but had she been a health stream student she would be you.
    Her life started out in a tragedy which was not of her making and lack of parents made her step from childhood to maturity in an easy single step but I could see it would need a strong partner and goal in life for her to reach her potential. I am afraid I imagined she would struggle un understood, misunderstood and unappreciated and unutilized for her true strength and genius.
    Please excuse me this is first time I have written a blog but your writings which I reached accidentally just raised memories I was not aware I had.
    sorry if O bother you

    • Madhu Sameer says:

      Thanks for your compliments.

      BTW I have an engineering background !!! 🙂

      • sasystems says:

        once again an accident brings me to this page and I am surprised to see a reply to my note of January this year.
        Last time I had read an article of yours but this time I seem to have landed straight here after some poetry I suppose penned by you in blank prose about womanhood and yourself etc. Sorry to see you limiting yourself in a system designed to impress others but keep you imprisoned within its limitations.
        You have been trained as an engineer. Also you are well gifted in the english language and are a student of the mind. While all this prepares you well for giving to others much more than ‘fixes’ as a counsellor I wonder wether it allows for enough for you yourself. With my very limited ability I would wonder that perhaps your eastern (most probably Indian ) origin and related inherited language may actually be the potential tools for you to dwell into a world of thought unlimited by two valued logic and cartesian coordinates.
        There is brilliance of sparkle in your writing but what you deserve to achieve is quite transparency of clear still waters. In anycase, as I am not used to writing blogs (this being second attempt) and also not belonging to any mentally alleviating stream and more used to dealing with dry facts it is quite likely that I am not making any sense to you. However I can’t resist responding though I am very much against electronic communication and prefer simple old fashioned handwriting.
        also the girl you remind me of had an uncle who taught mathematics. I can’t remember her name as it was not a very common name and again due to my rather old fashioned approach the few names I do remember are sir names. In case you are the same person do accept my congratulations at having faced the world well (based on your profile) and the fact that you had an eventful life is nothing but a complement to your ability and capacity. Ce la vie

      • Madhu Sameer says:

        Yes, I am the same girl. Thank you for your kind comments !

  2. Thank you for sharing all the things that make up you. I am enjoying reading all of your blog. I knew you were talented once I read your first post but this list just blows my mind and confirms how talented and intelligent you truly are. You inspire me girl! Thank you for being you!
    Much love and lots of blessings,

  3. Hello!

    I’m an MFT trainee here in CA, also enamored with depth psychology–especially of the object reltions and Jungian varieties.

    I look forward to learning from your blog.

    Alison Panko

  4. murat mercan says:

    Nice blog post and Thanks for sharing

  5. Madhu Sameer says:


    Thanx for your kind words.

    I’ve read some of your work. And you do yourself injustice. Either that or you are humble.


  6. sunil says:


    my very best wishes as always.

    Your intellectual march intimidates and makes me envy together..

    How come I do not think and write as much ?So what, if I do not even understand much of it either..


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